About Us

When it comes to books in India, you need a publishing house that understands your point of view. Akila India Publications knows the market, understands new forms and styles of literature in India.

Akila India Publications was formed on 1 April, 2019. Akila India Publications is the brain child of India publisher, Nimish Ganatra, in 2019. Publishing started in May 2019 with only two books. Your book needs come in many forms, and at Akila India Publications we’re trying to fulfill all of them!

With our strong digital and online presence among Indian publishers, we hopes to stay connected with you and your needs at all times. The aipub.in website launched in 2019 contributes to Akila India Publications having the highest recall value in India among readers like you. Your weekly list of bestsellers will be peppered consistently with Akila India Publications above other publishing houses.

As you make your way through books, either reading them or writing them, Akila India Publications has you covered no matter what mood, intellectual junction or stage of life you are at.

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