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If you’ve been dreaming of putting a little bit of yourself—and your book—out there for the world to see, do allow us to introduce ourselves.

Welcome to Akila India Publications (AIP). Founded in May 2019, Akila India Publications today publishes across a whole range of subjects and genres.

As one of the world’s premier publishers, Akila India Publications has been home to some of today’s most revered names in fiction and non fiction, poetry and prose.

If your dream is to join the ranks of our esteemed list of renowned authors, we would love to peruse your manuscript and read your proposal..

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Do you want to be published but are not sure how to go about it? The following questions will help you understand how we at AIP execute the process of submission and evaluation of proposals and manuscripts:

AIP accepts proposals in English,Hindi and Gujarati language fiction (novels, novellas and short stories), poetry, general and narrative non-fiction, biographies and memoirs, current affairs, business, travel, cookery, religion, philosophy and self-help, reference and quizzing, photography and illustrated books.

As we are not textbook publishers and neither do we publish technical and scientific research studies/monographs and papers and medical books, a proposal centred on these areas would automatically not be considered for publication by us.

Ideally, your proposal should contain a detailed synopsis and chapter outline, with two sample chapters in case of novels and other narrative non-fiction. For short stories and poems, you should send in five sample stories and/or poems.

Send in your proposal in hard copy through regular post/courier, or email us at Please do not send material on CDs. It is important you retain a copy of the proposal you send as we do not return any material submitted to us.Send your proposal to:

Akila India Publications
c/o Akila Press
Opp. Eagle Travels, Sadar Bazar
Rajkot - 360001, Gujarat, India
email us

AIP receives over 500 proposals and manuscripts every year. We value all submissions and each proposal is given the same diligent attention by our qualified and experienced editorial team. We would, thus, not advise you to come in personally to deliver your proposal. Nonetheless, in case you should decide to visit our office personally, you are requested to handover your written proposal at the reception.

Owing to high publication volumes, meeting with prospective and discussing individual proposals with the editorial team is, unfortunately, not possible.

At the initial stage, sending in a complete manuscript is not required. The publishing potential of a book is evaluated based on a proposal outlining in detail the structure/literary style, contents, potential readership and the market for the content.

The editorial team conducts a preliminary evaluation of the synopsis and sample chapters to develop an insight into the work and gauge its potential. In the event your proposal is found suitable, you may be asked to send in the entire manuscript for a thorough evaluation. The manuscript is then evaluated in detail by a team of editors for its language, literary merits, readability, style, competition, marketability and sales potential. This detailed evaluation takes a minimum of six months and post evaluation, you will be informed of our final decision. Please note that asking for a detailed manuscript does not in any way mean that it has been or will be accepted for publishing.

The detailed process of evaluation takes a minimum of six months. During this time, we unfortunately will be unable to respond to any queries either by phone, fax, email or in person. The decision is communicated at the end of the evaluation period. AIP is not obligated to assign any reason if your proposal/manuscript does not suit our publishing programme.

Please keep a copy of any proposal that you send in and the manuscript (if asked to send it in). Owing to the large number of proposals we receive, we do not take any responsibility to return any material sent by you.

Terms and conditions pertaining to royalties, territories, number of copies, distribution network are all decisions which are taken only on final acceptance of a book for publication. Should your manuscript be accepted, these will automatically be discussed at a later stage. Queries pertaining to these at the time of submitting your proposal or during the evaluation process are premature.

Please do not resend a proposal that has been rejected once. However, should you find yourself inspired again, we encourage you to submit a fresh proposal to us.

You are free to submit your proposal simultaneously to us and to others. We would, however, request you to inform us of the same. We would also request you to inform us as soon as your manuscript has been accepted for publication by someone else so that we may stop evaluation of your proposal.Should we ask for your manuscript after preliminary evaluation is completed, please do not submit it to us if you have already submitted it to another publishing house in the meantime, until you have heard from them or informed them that you are withdrawing your submission. Similarly, we would request you not to submit your manuscript for evaluation elsewhere during the process of detailed evaluation by AIP. You are free to ask us to stop evaluation of your manuscript at any stage before we have communicated our decision.

  • Read the FAQs thoroughly. Perusing this section will give you all information pertaining to the procedure of submitting proposals/manuscripts to us.
  • Your proposal should include a synopsis and chapter outline together with any two sample chapters. For short stories and poems, please send a synopsis of the collection with five sample stories and/or poems.
  • Do keep a copy of the material you have sent for your records. We do not return any documents sent to us.
  • Do inform us if you have simultaneously submitted your manuscript to another publishing house while we’re considering your proposal.
  • Do not send in letters asking for information on how to submit proposals/manuscripts as any information we can give you has already been shared on our website.
  • Do not make any queries via phone, fax, email or in person in the period your proposal and/or manuscript is being assessed.
  • Do not send material on CDs.
  • Do not send the complete manuscript unless asked for by us.
  • Do not send us the manuscript if you have already submitted it for consideration elsewhere.
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